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Anxiety/Social Anxiety

Being nervous or anxious from time to time is a normal part of living however, for some anxiety can become more frequent or powerful and can start to take over their lives.

Feelings of anxiety may cause physical symptoms such as a racing heart, feeling faint, shakiness and result in full blown panic attacks. Anxiety may also show itself as irrational fear, poor sleep, excessive worry, stomach pain, depression or compulsive behaviours. In severe cases, it can result in agoraphobia or fear of doing normal activities.

You may not place much importance on therapy however, by learning effective techniques you will gain the ability to handle your anxiety yourself.

With the guided support and intervention of a trained professional at Let's Talk we can identify the causes as well as its trigger. We can positively support you and help you greatly reduce and eliminate anxiety's hold.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be explained as the fear of social situations that involves interaction with others. It can cause fear and anxiety in nearly all areas of a person's life. Social anxiety may not go away on its own but therapy can help. Some of the symptoms are, but are not restricted to;

  • Being teased, bullied or criticised
  • Being the centre of attention
  • Being introduced to other people
  • Embarrassed easily (e.g. blushing, shaking)
  • Meeting people in authority
  • Being watched or observed while doing something
  • Meeting other people's eyes
  • Talking, swallowing, writing making phone calls in public

Feelings that accompany social anxiety include, nervousness, high levels of fear, automatic negative emotions, dry mouth, muscle twitches and trembling. Even though you may know your social anxiety is irrational and not based on fact nevertheless, for you your thoughts and feelings are real and persist. Learning appropriate active, structured, rational thinking skills and patience with a therapist has been proven to help people overcome social anxiety.

If you or a loved one are effected by the issues outline here and you wish to seek further information or would like to arrange a consultation, please call Let's Talk at 085 7181267.

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